Dr Elizabeth Berryman

Founder and Director, Chnnl

Dr Elizabeth Berryman is the visionary force behind chnnl, serving as its founder and director. She brings a wealth of expertise in governance, boasting positions on both industry and community-based boards. Her professional journey began as a dedicated Registered Nurse in community Maori Health, eventually evolving into a distinguished Medical Doctor.

With a laser focus on addressing prevalent workplace challenges like employee burnout, depression, anxiety, and suicide, Liz is a dynamic researcher in this critical arena. Witnessing the resounding success of a peer-mentoring initiative for medical students that she spearheaded, she has ignited a fervent dedication to enhancing mental well-being through digital tools.

Liz’s leadership extends beyond chnnl, as she has previously held esteemed roles as the President of the Otago University Medical Students’ Association and the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association. Additionally, she served as the Chair of the New Zealand Medical Benevolent Fund. Currently, Liz is a vital member of the Ministry of Health’s Professional Behaviour Taskforce Group and holds a seat on the Health Informatics New Zealand Board.

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