Who Attends

The Congress?

A global gathering of experts and leaders

The Congress attracts a diverse and global audience, representing 5 industry groups, 19+ nations as well as peak NGOs. The participation continues to grow each year, with increasing involvement from developing countries.

Our 500 in-person and 200+ virtual attendees form part of a global community, fostering an inclusive experience that encourages valuable networking and cross-border collaborations.

500 In-Person Delegates

200+ Virtual Attendees

17+ Government Representatives

Global Peak Bodies

Our Attendees

The Congress unites a diverse assembly of experts and advocates from across the globe. They can be broadly categorized into the following groups:


Especially those engaged in studies on the efficacy of digital mental health technologies such as web-based platforms, mobile apps, augmented reality, and wearables for various mental disorders.

Product Developers

Bold pioneers of innovation, crafting solutions to address the needs of individuals facing mental health challenges. They seek inspiration from global best practices, fostering meaningful collaborative partnerships for mutual benefit.

Government Officials

The Congress is the only event to bring together government officials from 17 countries (and counting), to deliberate on national digital mental health implementation approaches grounded in international best practices.

Frontline Clinicians

Passionate mental health workers committed to delivering the highest quality care to those under their support. They actively seek knowledge about the latest and best innovative solutions to address the diverse needs of their patient population.

Lived Experience Representatives

Central voices in shaping the development of safe and effective digital mental health solutions. Their perspectives ensure that solutions are crafted with and for those who will utilize them.


The future of digital mental health! Students presently enrolled in courses related to mental health, health technology, psychology, or related fields are invited to attend, offering them the opportunity to learn and contribute valuable perspectives.

Global NGOs

The Congress brings together global peak bodies, including UNICEF, APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health, the UN, and the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership, to connect and collaborate on joint initiatives.

Mental Health Commissioners

The Congress provides a platform for commissioners around the globe to collectively address challenges, share insights, and develop strategies to advance mental health initiatives in their respective jurisdictions.

Passionate Advocates

These include mental health veterans, social media influencers and anyone with a network or platform to spread awareness of digital mental health best practices. They attend to gain knowledge and network with esteemed colleagues around the world.

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