Sue Baker OBE

Director, Changing Minds Globally

Sue has worked to de-stigmatise mental health for almost 30years in the UK, New Zealand, and globally. She set up the Time to Change campaign in England in 2007 that has led to a “sea change” in public attitudes and reductions in discrimination in England but has worked on shifting stigma since joining Mind (the UK’s largest mental health NGO) in 1995. She co-founded the Global Anti Stigma Alliance twelve years ago to share strategies, tools and facilitate mutual learning to build capacity in many regions and contexts. She then founded Time to Change Global in 2018 working with partners and people with lived experience in Africa and India to tackle mental health stigma across a range of cultures and contexts.

She now advises international bodies, Governments, NGOs, funders, and networks of people with lived experience on social change programmes aimed at improving public attitudes, reducing discrimination, and empowering people with lived experience to lead change. She runs an independent consultancy called ‘Changing Minds Globally’ and is currently working on stigma projects in Kenya, the Caribbean, Lithuania and across Europe as well as supporting the development of global mental health leadership and workplace packages. Sue was one of the sub Authors of The Lancet Commission on ending stigma and discrimination in mental health – The Lancet published on World Mental Health Day 2022. She was awarded an OBE for services to mental health in 2016.

For inquiries, contact Sue via email at or visit her website at For updates, follow her on LinkedIn (@SueBakerOBE) or Twitter (@suebakerTTC).

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