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Innowell addresses the most critical problem in the global mental health space today – the huge imbalance between the supply and demand for mental health services.

Innowell is a digital mental health platform which provides clinical decision support by connecting the patient’s data to provide them the right care, at the right time, the first time. The platform offers best-in-class digital mental health IP, designed in partnership with the Brain & Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, led by Professor Ian Hickie.

The platform enables a mental health digital front door strategy for the health service and supports measurement-based-care clinical strategies. Its comprehensive platform supports an enhanced, patient experience during clinical care through ease of service navigation and a self-care digital tool as a resource after discharge.

Health services utilising the platform, in Australia and Canada, have seen their waitlist reduced by upwards of 60% and 80% respectively. Learn more about these case studies and the Innowell Platform by contacting Chief Growth Officer, eric.hren@innowell.org.

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